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Converse worked in the old 33-year employee collected more than 800 pairs of different colors and styles All Star canvas shoes born in the early 20th century, many rubber-soled shoes brands,Ugg Boots but until then rubber-soled shoes as a Hollywood fashion, the rubber-soled shoes became mainstream athletes wearing one in the 1950s. Especially in the 1950s rubber-soled shoes became a symbol of social preferences and rebels of young people, as if the students in the world wear this cheap and easy to buy shoes. In the United States,

Sports arena cheerleaders wearing sweaters, skirts and ankle socks

Plus shoes canvas surface (it can also be said that Keds). Fifties and sixties of the 20th century, is the pinnacle moment of canvas shoes. Not only basketball,Ugg Boots Australia tennis, volleyball players wear it, James Dean wore it, juvenile gangs, hippies and a variety of street protests molecules are wearing it. Canvas shoes, jeans, rock and roll, became the Holy Trinity, the post-war baby boomers adolescence symbols. Canvas shoes symbolize - a little rebellious, anti-authority, do not comply with the rules of the game ...... adult community

However, by the 1970s, the situation began to change. People are more relaxed casual dress, casual become fashion, sports are no longer limited to the stadium gymnasium, fitness become the norm ...... So, Adidas and Reebok sneakers, almost overnight sweeping the world. Meanwhile this period, skateboarding suddenly popular among young people. In addition to the helmet elbow pads knee pads, a pair of high-performance sports shoes are also essential equipment. So, canvas shoes became unpopular turned upside down. May be nostalgia, it may be retro,Ugg Australia it may be intentionally or unintentionally, extreme anti-commercialization, starting from the beginning of the 21st century, the world of sports shoes in Europe and America there is a return to trend - canvas shoes, suddenly became a fashion in this regression Converse trend is perhaps the biggest beneficiary, to know that in the 20th century,Australia Ugg when the nation's sports shoes Nike dominate the market in 40, while veteran Converse canvas shoes, only assigned pitiful 3%. The earlier start Keds ancestors experienced a collapse of decline. Just a few years ago through its high-profile 90 birthday Converse, now almost no influx of people do not know it's a bit cow of history. Speaking about rubber-soled canvas shoes, Keds is a classic case can not be bypassed.Australia Ugg Boots Except that it produced the first pair of canvas shoes with Sneakers named it the classic minimalist aesthetic design unique people miss. The Keds name, originally intended for the Latin of peds (feet), but has registered for others, it is also Another American English kids (children) a combination of the prefix K, and children, women shoes, leading to become every household shoe the part. People think it will smile because of it, the tiny blue flags in their brains, the heart and the shoe, occupies a special place. Recall that you have to wear white canvas shoes too physical education Mody, who had just washed because of wear canvas shoes and stepped gingerly for fear of what the students,Ugg Outlet who loved to wear canvas shoes dirty and depressed mood Mody, who stole a teacher's chalk to smear a little yellow canvas shoes Mody, who feel that pop off the canvas shoes have been saving money to buy a pair of Adidas and Nike, or what ...... these memories you have had it? Because there are too, so Keds nicknamed rice the most classic white canvas shoes can always hit your heart.Ugg Boots Outlet Although your child may not be wearing this brand of white canvas shoes, but please believe that other white canvas Keds shoes are less reference to the design of this summer,Ugg Australia Outlet canvas shoes need to prepare Needless to say, in order to remind canvas shoes you're going to be ready a few shorts, then wear as my colleague did just fine, very simple, studious not?