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T stage show contest between shoes

Whether under the T stage, shoes are the focus of attention of the fashion elite secretly. Although everyone knows and ankle boots is the right way this season, but for Anna Winour feet with a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals dwarf,Ugg Boots who dares mention disagreement?

Spectators on the fashion show will spend about 5% of the time pay attention to those models, the remaining 95% of the energy is used to waiting, and others jammed on the bench, whispering, knocking BlackBerry and secretly looked sitting in his What is the opposite of that person to wear. Because when someone sitting in a dimly lit church or arched basement (now designers like to choose a place to express their point of view) when the opposite bench, you can hardly make out her / his pants cutting process, or the origins of Shenshangnajian silk tops. However, bags and shoes are very conspicuous, you can always pick a good angle to observe these two things. And when we sat there, secretly judge others accessories, we will realize that those masters of bags and shoes, in fact, watching us. It's like using Morse code for the AC Louboutin red soles flashed timeless fashion; while Zagliani python skin that plump leather handbag exudes a bright light, then loudly as if to show off their own depressed economy is not huge shake deposits. Just look at the other accessories,Ugg Boots Australia you will understand in the T stage, the season was undoubtedly the best in accessories and ankle boots. Whether it is tapered heel or two inches thick crust, or bright patent leather zebra fish mouth or hollow design, machine wagon or Victorian lace-up boots buckle design, deliberately loose or tightly wrap the ankle look. In fact, all boots are very popular styles - in addition to comfortable and practical thick with boots, you know, until recently, it is just a unique presence and style ankle boots and knee-high boots are also outdated. Five years ago, was a pragmatist and ankle boots of choice, and a pair of knee-high boots is to add a dash of color in the winter, trendy stuff. Now, knee boots became fashionable moms with spindly legs for a simple pair of jeans and sweatshirts, insurance options, they will be wearing that attire to school to pick up children. (If this sounds somewhat spiteful and criticism, it is because that is the truth.)

Ankle boots with matching dresses or skirts worn, will give those ankles have beautiful, but the calf is too plump women cause some problems. If you already made up his mind to wear these boots, you can choose your own pair of the highest heels competent. Of course, the easiest way is to match the trousers and ankle boots.Australia Ugg Boots (As long as the legs into the boots, but do not plug too tightly - you want to pursue is a little wrinkled and a little bit lazy effect.)

Then say something a bit more complex. Some leading figure in the fashion accessories to choose from fierce competition completely extricate yourself.Ugg Australia For example, Anna Wintour, she was wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik dwarf watched the show with a lot of slippers, and never carry a bag. Now, if you are ready to use Morse code that you can trust to translate this worn, it will likely be annotated as aloof and unpredictable. In my opinion, this is just proof of how this system run orderly. 6 kinds of shoes must be thrown away Yuechuan Yue shoes fit your feet hurt 2

Some shoes appearance looked very new, but the shoes inside it appalling. For example, wear shoes inside there will be a long box-shaped soles or shoe is pushed out of the internal shape of the foot,Australia Ugg etc., even if the pad insole will Ge feet, so shoes easily lead to swelling, pain, bleeding, also affect the body cushioning the joints, especially the trot when the body can not be guaranteed by the force balance, easy Wei feet.

Walking, running, the main focus of the foot forefoot, so most of the shoes, especially sneakers, slightly upturned toe section will enable easy heel off the ground, to protect the arch. But the shoes to wear for a long time, the toe portion would be flattened lost the original arc.Ugg Outlet If wearing such shoes, speed, coordination and flexibility will be reduced, but also cause damage to the body. In addition, some non-slip soles are polished lines, continue to wear it, especially in rain and snow, easy to slip, falls, best throw.

Heel grind biased.

Shoes a long time, inside or outside of the heel may be polished, especially in some high-heeled shoes, in addition to wear heels,Ugg Boots Outlet but also not easy because of the way they dress, contorted to the sides, and sometimes makes walking a kind of shaky feeling.Ugg Australia Outlet The human skeleton is by muscles and tendons to connect, if you wear this shoe, muscle strength imbalance on both sides of the heel bone, it may be appropriate leg deformities may also occur varus or valgus ankle.